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How We Began
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What is your Dry Cleaning process?

We dry clean in mineral spirits. It is environmentally friendly. It's been around since the dinosaurs!!! We have been using this process since 1929!

We also have a process where we use water as the cleaning agent with various detergents and softeners. This is to clean stains that would otherwise not come out.

How do you clean wedding gowns?

Customer brings in gown.

We scan it in and charge customer.

Then we begin the cleaning process....

1. We look the garment over real good for holes, tears, rips etc.

2. We dry clean or wet clean the garment but most times we do both.

3. We check for spots. If garment is not quite spot free, we use a balance of grease soluble and water soluble removers.

4. The garment is then hand finished, steamed, pressed and held for customer approval.

5. After customer has signed the ticket agreeing garment is the best it can be, we heirloom. We box garment in tissue and heirloom box with a window to view.

6. Dress is now read for safe keeping.



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