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For over 85 years, Dry Cleaning by Louis has provided residents on the south shore and north shore with a full service, first class, dry cleaners that cares for the things you wear.


When my grandparents were running Dry Cleaning by Louis, we had to stop using hangers because our country was at war and they needed all the steel to make bullets to send overseas. You had to bring your own hangers if you wanted your clothes hung.

My grandmother never used a calculator, she could add columns of figures faster than my mom and aunt could with calculators.

We never bagged the orders till after 1952. No bags over the garments.

Dry Cleaning by Louis used to operate out of the army base on the lakefront, during WWII. We had to close up the location on North Tonti and had to operate out of the army base because we could not get any supplies and my grandfather made a deal that if he did the uniforms, the government would get the supplies. When the war ended we went back to North Tonti.

We inspect all garments upon arrival and take pride in making sure your garments leave in better shape than they arrived in. We clean everyday items, such as suits, dresses, pants, shirts, blouses, and sweaters. We specialize in cleaning wedding gowns, beaded gowns, fine linens, formal wear, christening gowns, leathers, and suede.

We clean almost anything we can get in the shop, and use environmentally-friendly products in the process. We are also remediation specialists for mold, water and smoke damaged clothing. We do beautiful alterations and seamstress work and all alterations are done at either our Canal Boulevard Lakeview location or our Hwy. 22 Mandeville location.

We have four locations to serve you and we offer at home and at office pickup and delivery!



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